About Us

We are bat Removal Specialists ! We have over 20 years of experience with Bat Removal in Muskegon MI and all over the state. We are Fully Licensed & Insured.

Our History


We a your premier and undeniably best choice for squirrel trapping in the Greater Muskegon area. We are constantly striving to be the “Best in Business”. If you give us a call you will soon learn why we are number 1.

squirrel on the road

We are committed to our customer's success from
start to finish.

We have a very long list of happy customers, and we are not afraid to admit maybe a few unhappy ones. But we always strive to do and be the best Wildlife removal company in Muskegon MI

Our Mission

We are driving hard to be the Number 1 Wildlife Specialists in Michigan and beyond

Our Vision

While we love our lovely Michigan critters, we also understand that they can sometimes get into spots where they may not be welcome. We are a growing company and work hard to earn your business.


Free Inspection

In most cases our pre inspection is fully refundable when you have your Wildlife removed by us.

Fast wildlife trapping

We wrok quickly and accurately to remove all those unwanted critters from your home. And we also repair the damage the animals have made.

Friendly staff

All of our staff is fully trained in bat removal as well as in the repair of the damages that the critters have left behind.

Licensed & Insured

We are fully insured and licensed in the state of Michigan.

Best Wildlife Removal at very affordable rates

While we aim to keep expenses down for all of our clients. We follow a Best Practices philosophy that can mean that we may be more expensive than other companies but we also out perform them too. Call today and let us help you understand the difference.

24/7 Customer Care

For Emergency Service

(231) 766-6002

Contact when you need it!.

For questions:


Our Team

Here are a few members of our team.

Tony Burke

Director of Quality Systems

Bob Dobson

Wildlife Control Inspector


Technical Services Director


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